The Eden Project 2021 Backlog

Planet Data

Planet Map

 Planet Map Cells
 – Voronoi Tectonics
 – Global air circulation
 –  Ocean currents
–  Biome assignment
 Planet Map Subcells
 Planet Map Diamonds
 Planet Map Blocks
 Planet Map Tiles
Planet Map Tile Patterns

Planet Implementation

Planet Mesh

 Cube based sphere
 Mesh LOD
Planet octave dynamic texture
 World Origin Rebasing

Planet Biomes

 Hard coded parametric heightmap generators (Planet map diamond based)
Reverse noise, sync actors with noise displaced materials
AGG based UV tracks in dynamic textures
Substance integration

Planet Foliage

 Spline based scattering
Speedtree integration
Procedural forestry with HLOD & imposters

Planet Atmosphere

Cloud shell
Boss clouds

Galactic Map

Galaxy Mesh

 Galactic territories
 Random name generation
Interstellar route generation
Full screen galaxy map
In game viewer widget

Galaxy Volumetrics

Spline nebula BP
Cylindrical volumetric material

Star System

Data Structure

 Star types
 Planet types


 Orbital mechanics


City Base

Implement planet map tile clusters for parcel generation
Render road networks via AGG
Spline based transit tracks


Node based procedural building generator (BP should be fine)


Crowd system (pedestrian and traffic)

Basic Game Play

Character Base

3rd person mannequin
VRIK character (redo with PowerIK)
Planetary gravity (has to work with rebasing)
Navmesh: 3d navmesh plugin

Character Upgrades

Marvelous designer workflow
Daz3D Blender UE4 pipeline
Blender procedural skin baking
Blender hair addon workflow
Blender groom hairstyles

Character Animation

Blender to UE4
Oculus lip sync plugin
Mocap (Quest 2 and Take Recorder?)
 Standing on seats (JOKING)

Vehicle Base

Basic ship flying
Ship management API/UI
VRIK flight controls

RPG Game Play

UI Base

Main menu system
Character builder
In game menu base
Local map / mini map

Interactable Systems

Interaction base class
VR interactions

Combat Systems

Melee weapons
Ballistic weapons
Skill tree / Ability system

Character Systems

Dialog system
Trade system
Quest system
Follower system