What is it?

The Genesis Project is a computer game simulation of a fictional galaxy filled with thousands of unique star systems and beautiful nebulas.

It’s an extension of my planetary terrain work in Unreal Engine 4 (the Eden Project).

Here’s a video that shows what I’ve been able to achieve so far:

Why are you building it?

After spending a number of years working on planetary terrain in Unreal Engine 4, I reached a point where I needed to start thinking about the bigger picture that my planets would be positioned inside.

  • How could I structure multiple planets into a sensible solar system?
  • If I could do one solar system, could I do multiple solar systems?
  • If I could do multiple solar systems, could I do many?

These questions coupled with the inspiration I’d drawn from playing space games that had massive universes and countless worlds in them convinced me to take a massive segway from my planetary terrain work and develop some sort of under girding galactic simulation.

What is the Genesis Project?

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